Yes! We have Bengal kittens!

Please note: we match the price for each Bengal kitten in our Junglebeauty Cattery! If you see purebred TICA kitten of the same quality, offered with the same options and benefits - we will make our price the same for you!

Best of the best Bengal Kitten

Junglebeauty Bengals variety

One of the best Bengal Kittens

Blue Collar Girl. Born on April 02, 2023

One of the best Bengal Kittens

Pink Collar Girl. Born on March 02, 2023

Please watch Youtube channel of Junglebeauty Bengal Cattery!

Two amazing Bengal kittens from Junglebeauty Cattery of Bengals are playing so affectionately.

Junglebeauty Silver Bengal Male Kitten, Liverpool! First steps into the beautiful outside world!

Amazing Junglebeauty Silver Bengal Male Kitten, Liverpool! Absolutely cuddly and affectionate silver Bengal kitten. He wants to be with humans all day long, sits on our nads and makes a loud purring sound.

Disney from the Junglebeauty Cattery of Bengals got the Best All Breeds Kitten Award from one of the Judges at the Canadian Cat Association Show, July 30-31, 2022!

Churchil at the Cat Show LCWW, Apr 15-17, 2022!

All our Bengal kittens are the best friends with husky Romeo!

Amazing Bengal kittens!!

Beautiful day!

Where do Bengal Kittens come from!

How to reserve a kitten.

After you have looked at the kitten online and made a choice, you will inform us that you are ready to reserve him. Then we send you a Deposit Agreement to your email box. The Agreement contains the name of the TICA registered Junglebeauty Cattery and name, date of birth, gender, breed, price, dates of release of the purebred Bengal kitten, and parties responsibilities. After you sign the Agreement, you have to send it to us. Then you transfer the deposit money to the email box specified in the Agreement. When we get the funds deposited in our bank account, we sign the Agreement on our part and send it to you. From now on, the Bengal kitten is reserved for you!