3 How to visit Junglebeauty

How to visit Junglebeauty Cattery of Bengals

We are always happy to meet our customers in our house.

To visit our cattery in person and see the kittens, we ask you to do the following:

  1. Please write a letter telling us a little about yourself and your experience with cats, especially Bengals. Also, please describe what kind of kitten you are looking for by colour, character and temperament.

  2. Please arrange an online meeting where you can see those kittens you are interested in within 15-20 minutes and discuss possible questions.

  3. After the online meeting, we will send you a Deposit Agreement if you are interested in the special kitten. Please sign the Deposit Agreement to reserve a specific kitten and pay the Deposit in CAD 400.

  4. Next, agree on a meeting time within the next three days.

  5. During a personal meeting, you can communicate with the kitten and play if he has received two standard sets of vaccinations. The session lasts 30-40 minutes.

  6. If you dislike the selected kitten, you can replace it with another one or refuse to purchase him and get back the entire deposit amount.

  7. After three days from the moment of booking a kitten, the deposit amount is not refundable.

Thus, visiting our cattery is impossible without a preliminary online meeting and making a deposit.

Understanding is very much appreciated as many people want to come and see the kittens without any intention of buying someone and presenting any ID.

For us, each visit means as first the preparation and then the sanitization of the rooms. There are a lot of viruses and bacteria, many of which are carried on people's shoes and clothes.

Exceptions can be discussed in unique cases.