Snowshadows Diana of Junglebeauty (TICA), born on May 2019, Quebec, Canada. Brown Spotted Tabby, light brown tone, three colours. She has an nice pattern of medium size rosettes, donut, paw print and chain patterns. She has a big light green eyes, rounded face and straight nose. She is very friendly to people, purring a lot when taken on hands. However she is independent and bossy to any other queens and to kittens, she does not allow to approach her when she does not want any contacts. Her kittens can be very wide range of brown tones - from very light to close to grey brown. Pattern is usually pretty similar - nice medium size donut or underlined rosettes scattered evenly on the light background. However sometimes she has a kittens with large rosettes. 1-2 girls in her litter may have a colour similar to mom - very light brown. Eyes of her kittens can be green or green-blue.