3 About Us

Junglebeauty Bengals: vivid piece of jungle beauty at your home.

Junglebeauty is a TICA, CFA and CCA REGISTERED in home cattery located in KW area, Ontario, Canada. We focus on high quality brown and silver rosetted Bengals with extreme contrast. Also we can produce exotic and rare cashmere (longhair), charcoal, melanistic, and smoke Bengal kittens. Two tones rosettes of small and medium size give the cat a wild-like look resembling wild spotted cats: jaguar, leopards, snow and clouded leopards.

Currently we have queens from light brown and golden to charcoal colours, they were born in Ontario or Quebec, Canada. Our silver line of Bengals is originated in Europe.

Junglebeauty kings Churchil and Caesarus are TICA champions, all other our kings are CCA Champions.

Kittens are rising indoor with love and high attention from the first days of their life.

Health of our cats and kittens is our first priority, we do our best to support and develop their strong immune systems. Kittens are socialized living and interacting with people and other pets (cats, parrot and dog) in non-caged environment. All of them are highly people oriented and affectionate. Kittens are usually released at the age of 11-14 weeks when they feel comfortable to live without mom and are ready to explore the world. They exercise a lot playing on cat trees, cat pipes jumping, running and climbing.

Also we have a cat expertise wheel for adult cats to run and walk.