3 HowToBeReady

How to be ready for your new Kitten from Junglebeauty Bengals Cattery

  1. You need a carrier for the kitten to bring her/him home safely and take her/him to the vet clinic later on.
    We recommend having a carrier of the size for the full growing cat. It can be a soft carrier or plastic carrier. We suggest to have double door carrier, here is some example:
    Cat carrier
  2. You need a cat litter box for the kitten.
    For example
    Cat carrier
  3. Note: Kitten is trained to use different litter boxes - from simple tray to top open and house like.

  4. You need a litter for the kitten.
    For example, Clumping wood litter OKOCAT.
    Cat litter Ococat
  5. You need a scratching post for the kitten.
    For example.
    Scratching Post
  6. You need a sleeping bed for the kitten.
    For example.
    Cat Sleeping Bed
  7. You need 2 or more Bowls for water.
    We would recommend ceramic or stainless bowls. For example
    Bowl for kitten
  8. Kittens like Cat Drinking Fountain. Many cats and especially Bengals love running water. That is why they prefer to drink from the tap or fountains. Also it encourages them to drink more which is very important for cat health. Just do not forget to refresh the water every 1-2 days.
    For example
    Fountain for kitten
  9. Toys for kitten.
    For example
    Toys for kitten
  10. Laser toy for kitten.
    For example
    Laser Toy for kitten
  11. Cat tree for kitten.
    For example
    Cat tree for kitten
  12. Heating Pad for kitten.
    Just recommended. We would recommend to buy such pad with 80-130 ℉ Temperature Setting For Choose. For example
    Heating Pad for kitten
  13. Brush for kitten.
    Just recommended. For example
    Heating Pad for kitten
  14. Nails care: Trim forward paws nails every 2-3 weeks. We found toenail clipper for people works best for this purpose. Please buy the high quality item to avoid discomfort and injury.
    For example
    Toenail Clipper for kitten
  15. Exercise wheel is one of the most popular for the Bengals. They absolutely love it, however you can buy it later on when the kitten is over one year old.
    Just recommended. For example One Fast Cat

INFORMATION about current meal, litter used and care

Food and Water

  1. Dry Royal Canin food: Mother and Babycat and Kitten formulas - will be provided from us for the first time.
    Dry Royal Canin Mother and Babycat Dry Royal Canin Kitten
  2. Canned Royal Canin: Mother and Babycat, and formula for Kitten - samples will be provided from us for the first few days.
    Canned Royal Canin Mother and Babycat Canned Royal Canin Kitten
  3. Kitten tryed the raw diet which is recommended for Bengal cats. We will share more details on the pick up time. Food samples will be provided. We would recommend

    "Big Country Raw" with "Pure Chicken" Big Country Raw Company with Pure Chicken

    "IronWillRaw" with "Basic Chicken" IronWillRaw with Basic Chicken

How Kitten was fed:

  1. Water was available all the time.
  2. Dry food was available all the time
  3. Canned food was given as is and given 3 times per day (3-4 soup spoons portion).
  4. Raw food was given 3 times per day. Total amount is approximately 10% of kitten weight per day. For example, if the Kitten has a weight 2 kg, you can give him 200 gramms per day devided on three portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  5. We would recoomend do not feed the Kitten with canned food and raw food same time. Please choose what kind of diet you will go.

Best supplements for the Kitten

  1. Probiotic.
  2. Taurine
  3. Vitamins

Environment: Bengals are very energetic cats, they love to jump everywhere and use everything to play, it is their nature. So it is good to have all surfaces (tables, countertops, shelves) clean from any items which are not allowed to play with :-)