I. Date and Parties

THIS AGREEMENT made on the ___ , between:

Name: ___ Address: ___

Contacts: email ___ phone# ___

(Hereinafter known as the “Buyer”)


Name: ___ Address: ___

Contacts: email ___ phone# ___

Email for e-transfer: ___

(Hereinafter known as the “Seller”).

II. Purchase Price & Description

The Buyer agrees to purchase, for the sum of CAD 2400 - 3500
depending on colour, pattern and overall quality.
Currently, we have some Bengal kittens with great discounts
for the fast release (CAD1600 - 2000)., the following Kitten from the Seller:

Name (if any): ___

Breed: Bengal (purebred, from TICA registered litter)

Date of Birth: ___

Sex: Male/Female

Color: Brown/Silver Spotted Tabby

State of Health: Healthy

III. Date of Sale

The sale of the Kitten shall occur on the age from 12 to 16 weeks old, ___ (but not earlier than notified by breeder).

☐ - A deposit (from the Buyer to the Seller) is being made in the amount of CAD 400 (towards the spay/neutering) on the date of this agreement. Seller will do the spay/neutering in one of the available clinics and the deposit will be used for that, certificate/proof will be provided. Having this deposit paid means the Buyer agrees to sign this agreement. Should the Buyer, after having paid the deposit, decide against purchasing the Kitten, the Buyer forfeits the deposit. If the Seller fails to provide the Kitten within the specified range of dates (or on the agreed time), the deposit must be returned.

On the date of sale, the full monetary funds shall be delivered to the Seller and the Kitten shall transfer possession to the Buyer.

Buyer Signature ___ Date ___ Printed Name ___

Seller Signature ___ Date ___ Printed Name ___