3 Cattery Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Bengals as any other cats (if they are healthy) attack people for one reason: they feel danger, they want to rescue themselves. The same way they attack dogs trying to scratch dogs eyes. You will need to understand what happened before and find the reason if your cat started attacking someone at your house. Most probably that person(s), often kids, forced or punished your cat before and the cat started thinking that it is better to attack first and avoid the same danger as he/she experienced before. It will take time for the cat to believe in that person again, and of course it will require some work.

Punishment can destroy the relationship between you and your cat. What is punishment? -

If people do something not pleasant or causes pain for cat. In such situation every cat can start thinking that human is attacking him/her. She/he may not connect panishment to something she/he has done. Cats always think they have done everything correctly.

The best time to show to cat that something is done not the right way is to explain the proper behaviour right away after or during the wrong actions of the cat. Stop the wrong action, offer an alternative, prevent the wrong action from happening/demotivate your cat to do so, and give a treat/ please your cat for the correct actions. Training is always better than punishment. That is why if you want to stop some unwanted actions it is better to do it in such a manner that the cat does not see the owner is stopping him. For example, if you use a water gun to stop the cat, do it when your cat does not see the water gun in your hands.

Bengal cats are highly trainable, they love learning! Always show the correct way by offering an alternative to unwanted behaviour.

Remember that a lot of actions the intact cat does are caused by hormones and it is hardly possible to stop them without desexing. Spay/neuter your cat to avoid health and behavioural problems: allow him/he to be a perfect and happy pet!

In Bengal kitten boys are more curious and vocal, also more crazy in actions and more interactive with people, they usually follow owners in everythind they do. Bengal girls are more careful and considerate, also usually more bossy, they can do some crazy things but it is not very common. You know that Bengals are very active cats if compare with other breeds. Of course there are some exceptions as everywhere, and some girls can be like boys or some boys can be like girls. You can find some more information online, we just share Junglebeauty Cattery experience.

Yes, as every cat they can do some damage, mostly scratching. Every cat has natural right to be a cat. As Bengals are highly active and curious they can destroy some items as well. Basically you have to choose to have a cat or to have perfect and completely ordered house. And Bengals are not an exception. If you are not ready for that please do not consider to have a cat.

Yes, they can however they are reported as hypoallergenic - https://www.petmd.com/cat/slideshows/care/10-hypoallergenic-cats - as they rarely caused allergy:

“These cats are said to produce less Fel d 1 protein than many other breeds and shed less hair, and owners with allergies report that Bengals rarely trigger them.” https://www.purina.co.uk/cats/behaviour-and-training/understanding-cat-behaviour/hypoallergenic-cat-breeds#:~:text=These%20cats%20are%20said%20to,around%20and%20playing%20with%20water.

We release kittens when we see that he\she is ready to go, usually it occurs at the age of 12-16 weeks. However if kitten has some temporary disorder or too attached to the mom we may keep the kitten longer. We never put our kittens at risk and release them sick.

Bengal cat is a good source of therapy from the early age. However it is very important to chose the people oriented and friendly kitten. Bengals can be the source of a lot of positive emotions as you can enjoy simply by their appearance, their silky coat, golden or silver glitter, gorgeous movement and of course their intelligence and jumps.

Deposit has two purposes - to reserve the kitten and to be used for spay/neutering. Our Junglebeauty Bengals Cattery takes the deposit CAD 400. We do not support backdoor breeding and try to eliminate it the best way we can. If we will not be able to do neutering with our clinic then you have to do it with your vet and deposit will be returned to you in full upon the proof of neutering/ spaying.

Please tell us about yourself, without this information we can not see you as a serious buyer. Tell us if you are interested in male or female specifically. You are welcome to ask questions, but we expect you to make your research about Bengals first. We are happy to share our experience of having Bengals as not every information on Internet is correct.

To be on the waiting list for a kitten, a CAD 100 deposit is required, which will be deducted from the kitten's sale price. Once the litter is born, you will be notified via email or text message if we have the kitten(s) of desirable color, however other features may be reevaluated within 4-5 weeks. At this time we’ll describe the newborn kittens and offer you to choose a kitten showing him/her on photos or/and via video chat, or in person. You will have a priority to choose a kitten within 5 days, before any kitten in the litter is advertised. Also you will have an option to put on hold and then to reserve any available kitten if you feel she/he is a good fit for your family. CAD100 will be subtracted from the reservation fee CAD400. If you're not satisfied with the available kittens, your deposit can be transferred to the next litter. You can remain on the waiting list as long as you wish, until you make your selection and buy the kitten. And you have the option to pass on available kittens for future litters. Your position on the waiting list never goes down, only up as others make their selections. You can be removed from the waiting list by your request at any time, however the Waiting List Fee is not refundable. If you do not reply within 3 days the first priority to pick the kitten maybe given to the next interested person.

We have Buy&Sell Agreement form for that.

You will need to sign it before transferring the deposit so please get familiar with it first.

We will sign the agreement when we get the deposit and will send the full signed copy to you. It is a proof that kitten is reserved for you which means he / she will not be offered to somebody else.