Kitten of Junglebeauty

Pink Collar Girl

Mother is Bora. Father is Churchil. Release: Released.

This beautiful female Bengal is named Laurie. Her coat boasts a bright orange tone, which gives her a warm, vibrant appearance reminiscent of a tropical sunset. This orange hue of base coat color is adorned with medium-sized rosettes. Her rosettes are beautifully outlined, creating a striking contrast with lighter orange background and showcasing the breed's iconic patterned fur. Her eyes are captivating, being large and expressive with a unique coloration that merges green and yellow tones. This greenish-yellow eye color can appear to change under different lighting conditions, adding to her enchanting appeal. Temperament-wise, this Bengal kitten is the epitome of affection. She has an endearing and loving nature, often seeking out cuddles, petting, and interactive play. She resembles male cats and kittens because her extreme affectionate nature. Her disposition is friendly and sociable, making her an excellent companion for individuals or families looking for a feline friend that thrives on attention and emotional connection. Her playful personality and active nature are sure to win hearts and bring joy to her human companions.