3 Why Junglebeauty

Choice making – why Junglebeauty Bengal Cattery?

So, why buy a Bengal Kitten from Junglebeauty Cattery?

There are a lot of good reasons!

  • Choice

    You can choose a Kitten that was born for you among other beautiful Bengal kittens.

    Due to the regular litters from our various queens, you have a chance to see different patterns and characteristics and choose the Kitten that resonates with you most, whether it is a pattern on their back, the glow in their eyes or the spring in their step!

  • Predictability.

    You will get a Kitten that exemplifies what you want in a companion.

    You can see the parents of Kitten, his siblings.

    You will know what to expect in the future after 1-2 years, like size, patterns, appearance, temperament, health, etc.

  • Health

    Buying a Kitten from Junglebeauty Cattery means you know the parents' history, their health and genes, temperament.

    You will get a health warranty for the Kitten.

    Your furriend will not die suddenly from the congenital disorder at the age of 2-3 years.

  • Desexing

    All our Kittens come to the forever home after spaying/neutering procedures.

    We do it at respectful vet clinics at the Kitten's age 11-14 weeks old. It is a very safe and unpainful surgery.

    Then Kittens grow without any sexual behaviour and unpleasant actions like yelling, making markers, and specific for Bengal female cats illnesses like pyometra.

  • Our support

    We stay in touch with our customers after they take home a kitten and are ready to answer any questions.

    We know the breed and want only the best for Kitten and you.

Yes we have kittens!

How to reserve a kitten.

After you have looked at the kitten online and made a choice, you will inform us that you are ready to reserve him.

Then we send you a Deposit Agreement to your email box. The Agreement contains the name of the TICA registered Junglebeauty Cattery and name, date of birth, gender, breed, price, dates of release of the kitten, and parties responsibilities.

After you sign the Agreement, you have to send it to us.

Then you transfer the deposit money to the email box specified in the Agreement. When we get the funds deposited in our bank account, we sign the Agreement on our part and send it to you.

From now on, the kitten is reserved for you!